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Completing your First Aid &
CPR Class Prework

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Idaho Rescue Training is excited to work with many organizations to offer American Heart Association CPR classes.  With online learning, we can allow you to complete much of the course on your own time.  Then we will have in-person class where we will answer questions, review information, and complete skills testing.

To complete your course, which may include CPR, First Aid, or both, please read and follow these directions:

To complete the AHA Certification, students will need to:

  • Sign up with their organization to receive a unique course URL.  This will be provided 7-10 days before the class to access the online module

  • Complete the online module with the American Heart Association


    • Create a profile at
    • Activate your course using your URL onto your profile
      • This course has been paid for already, please do not pay for it again
    • Complete the optional Child & Infant CPR sections prior to completing the course
      • If you complete the CPR course without completing the Child & Infant sections, please call the AHA to have your course reopened at (888) 242-8883.  Certificates are required to have these listed for this class.

  • Email the online completion certificate to or to your supervisor as directed

    • This .pdf, similar to the example, can be downloaded after completion of the survey at the end of the online training.  Please do not send screenshots, only .pdf files.

    • Your certificate must be submitted prior to testing.

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