COVID-19 Operations

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, changes will be made to decrease the possibility of transmission while still enabling classes to continue.  These measures certainly do not eliminate the possibility of transmission or exposure.  The choice to participate in class still rests with each student as does knowledge of our current standards.


Participation will be limited to those willing and able to participate in the tasks decreasing the risk of transmission laid out by Idaho Rescue Training and NOLS.



    • As of November 2021, all Wilderness Medicine students need to be two weeks or more past receiving the final vaccine dose prior to arrival at their course.  No booster is currently required.

    • As NOLS currently operates on 6 continents, this requirement is still in place as of May 1, 2022.

  • KN95 Masks and gloves are required during practice sessions.

    • NOLS will provide behind-the-ear style KN95 masks on the course.​

  • Sick students will not be allowed to participate

  • Students that do not follow protocols will not be allowed to participate

  • We will follow all applicable local, state, and federal ordinances and guidelines


Please review all NOLS COVID Information at

All registration fees will be refunded if a class is canceled for any reason.

Visit NOLS COVID-19 Disclosure and COVID-19 Video for specific practices NOLS has developed to protect wilderness medicine students and staff while on courses.

Updated May 2022