COVID-19 Operations

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, changes will be made to decrease the possibility of transmission while still enabling classes to continue.  These measures certainly do not eliminate the possibility of transmission or exposure.  The choice to participate in class still rests with each student.


Participation will be limited to those willing and able to participate in the tasks decreasing the risk of transmission laid out by Idaho Rescue Training and NOLS.

We will follow many increased sanitation and distancing procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Mask are required at all times, regardless of the local ordinance

  • We will modify our classroom by

    • Changing the classroom layout to distance students during lecture times

    • Using facilities with limited or no public access

    • Limiting enrollment for smaller classrooms

    • Increasing ventilation (bring a coat and layers!)

    • Spending more time outside when possible

    • Cleaning common touch surfaces twice per day at least

  • Prior to entering the classroom, students will

    • Wash or sanitize their hands​

    • Have the temperature checked

    • Complete daily symptoms screening

  • When students are actively practicing on each other, the students will:

    • Wear Masks​

    • Wear Gloves

    • Wear Glasses/Goggles

    • Wash hands/hand sanitize before and after the practice

  • Sick students will not be allowed to participate

  • Students that do not follow protocols will not be allowed to participate

  • We will also follow all applicable local, state, and federal ordinances and guidelines

All registration fees will be refunded if a class canceled for any reason.

Visit NOLS COVID-19 Disclosure and COVID-19 Video for specific practices NOLS has developed to protect wilderness medicine students and staff while on courses.

Current NOLS Operations information

Updated Nov. 2020

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