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NOLS Wilderness Medicine Courses
in Nepal


Why Nepal?​


Why not Nepal??  If you compare the cost of a flight, hotel, meals out, and course cost, a WFR in Nepal may be the same total cost or actually less expensive than a WFR in the United States.  Combine travel with education!

Come a few days early and enjoy some time in Kathmandu from the trekkers hotspot of Thamel to Durbar Square and the local Stupas.  Then spend time on course with enough time to get the pace of life in Nepal.  Before or after the course look for trekking options from 3 days to 21 days across Nepal!

Looking for some recommendations for setting up your trip?  We can give you some information or connect you with locals in Nepal that can help to set up your trek.

Why NOLS?​



NOLS offers wilderness medicine courses that will prepare you to recognize, treat, and prevent injuries and illnesses that are common in the outdoors. 

You’ll learn NOLS’ industry-leading, data-informed curriculum and build new skills through hands-on practice scenarios.


Developed by NOLS staff who are industry experts and experienced practitioners, our curriculum is field tested by our expedition instructors and informed by decades of injury and illness data. These help us prepare students to respond to the most likely incidents that happen in the wilderness. 

Questions?  Contact us!

Trek & Course Partners

All classes are offered with the support of Himalayan Medics & Kaitu Expedition

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