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Optional On-Course
CPR Certification

AHA Example.jpg

On some NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses, Idaho Rescue Training is able to offer the opportunity for students to receive their AHA Heartsaver CPR Certification.  This will be done after class on the first day and all pre-course work must be done prior to testing.

To complete the optional on-course CPR Certification, students will need to:

  • Pay the Idaho Rescue Training testing and certification fee online

  • Complete the online module with the American Heart Association

    • A URL will be provided by Idaho Rescue Training when you register to access the online module
    • Follow the "HeartSaver Total" path if requested and complete the Adult, Child, & Infant sections of the course
  • Email the online completion certificate to

    • This .pdf, similar to the example, can be downloaded after completion of the survey at the end of the online training​

  • Complete skills testing at the end of Day 1 of your course, which will take 30 minutes.

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