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WFR Practice Test

Review your knowledge with these online practice test.  Not all answers reflect current standards though!


NOLS Wilderness Medicine WFR Recertification Policies

Keep your edge, learn an updated curriculum, and refresh your skills: recertify your Wilderness First Responder training before your certification expires!

  • All NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications are good for two years from the end date of the course.

  • NOLS Wilderness WFR certifications will be afforded a one-year period after expiration within which to recertify.

  • This one-year re-entry period is only offered for NOLS WFR certifications.  Your certification is not valid during your re-entry period.

    • Should you fail to recertify by the end of your re-entry period you will need to participate in a full course to gain a valid certification. NOLS Wilderness Medicine-certified students should bring their certification card to the course so that the instructor can verify the expiration date.

Example: If the last day of your course is September 1, 2021, your certification expires on September 1, 2023, your re-entry period ends September 1, 2024.

Idaho Rescue Training Registration Policies

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